Main Goals of the Project


Involving the community in solutions

We create an overall picture of the situation around schools and propose solutions based on traffic observations and the involvement of the local community, which consists of pupils, parents, school staff and neighbours.
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Traffic calming around primary schools

We are also improving safety around schools with physical treatments that calm traffic. As a result, they reduce the number of dangerous situations for children on their morning journey to school and the amount of exhaust fumes that children and parents breathe outside and in the car.
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Encouraging outdoor play and exercise

By encouraging outdoor play and independent movement, we create safe, inclusive neighborhoods where children play together, spend time in diverse communities, and form new relationships. Children also need to experience some level of freedom of movement outdoors, positively impacting their mental health.
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The Mesto pre deti (City for Children) project is implemented by the Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava, the Capital City of Bratislava and Unicef.

Activities at Schools

The project started in 2022 with a pilot phase at the Tbiliská Primary School in Rača. In 2023, 10 more primary schools joined the project. This has grown the activity to the largest participation ever undertaken by the capital city in the field of improving safety and inclusion in the vicinity of schools.

More about participation in schools
Activities at Schools

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